I Love Jews, but Hate Zionists – Rebutted!

I ask you to put yourself into the time period that political Zionism was born in. Jews were persecuted everywhere they lived. They faced violent mobs. Zionism was the only answer to protect them from people who, unlike you, actually did hate Jews. They fled to Germany, which was actually a safe haven at the time…then look what happened. They had their citizenship stripped from them and where hunted down and exterminated.

So, put yourself in their shoes and tell me honestly that you wouldn’t be a Zionist. Would you rather you and your people continue on as a vulnerable minority until you’re finally wiped out than purchase uninhabited lands and build a future from scratch? Because that’s largely what they did. They bought the land (and they were kicked off it anyway!)

We condemn every injustice – including those committed by Zionists and Jews – but can you honestly say you hate those people for what they did? Look back at the history and give me a good reason why this movement is uniquely undeserving of our love and empathy. Yeah, they wanted a state. States are evil institutions…but everyone who had a state was using their state to oppress, expel, and exterminate them. They wanted their own state for self protection.

Everyone else had a state. Why not the Jews? Has this state committed any crimes worse than any other state? Shouldn’t we condemn Palestinian nationalism under the same logic?

If you’re anti-Zionist, what that practically means is you are for the abolition of the state of Israel and an end to Jewish nationalism. What makes Arab states and Arab nationalism different? What gives your state the right to exist?

Very few countries in the world should exist either if you held them to the same standard you hold Israel. Certainly the USA would not make the cut. I’d say start with your own state. Chances are it’s far more criminal than Israel.


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