Minimalism on the Net Going Too Far?


It seems like Microsoft’s new graphic direction is sending ripples through the internet.

Take a look at the new Facebook icons, undoubtedly influenced by the new “Metro” Windows look.

I am a huge fan of minimalism, but is there such a thing as to-much-of-a-good-thing if that “thing” is a more-is-less approach?

There is no denying that these monochrome glyphs are easy on the eyes, but there’s a time and a place. (Boy, what is it with me and the clichés today?) simple, monochrome icons look great for tiny icons in say…the Windows 7 system-tray. They are quickly identifiable, but even here there is some variation…like a red X when something isn’t working right. I think in the right context even these new Facebook icons can work, but I hope this trend doesn’t go too far because there is such a thing as too easy on the eyes – as in dull and uninspiring. After all, vision, just like the other senses is not just about functionality. The senses work best when they are entertained…entertainment requires a measure of creativity and complexity. Too much sensationalism and you are lost and confused, but too little sensuality and you have no desire to stay focused.


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